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Nico Neem 3000ppm. NICO NEEM is an oil-based, emulsifiable concentrate formulation consisting of neem oil obtained from Azadirachta indica seeds, and Karanj oil obtained from Pongamia glabra seeds and surfactant/emulsifier. Dosage: 300 ppm – 5ml to 7ml / litre of water 1500 ppm – 4ml to 5ml / litre of water 3000 ppm – 3ml to 4ml / litre. Neem Oil 300-400 ppm Azadirachtin Neem Oil 1200-1700 ppm Azadirachtin Neem Oil 100-200 ppm Azadirachtin Neem Oil 600-800 ppm Azadirachtin. Best ever platform for agriculture industry, we though it will take some time for agriculture industry to accept online selling, but seeing towards the order response from , we are realising that even farmers have turned and buying online on large scale.

NEEM 300 PPM Azadirachtin 0.03% EC Neemex is an azadirachtin insecticide 0.03%, with azardarictin contents as 300 ppm, formul. ₹352. NICO NEEM is an oil-based,. Azadirachtin concentration is maintained at a level of ~300, 1500, 3000, and 10,000 ppm in the formulation. Mode of Action: A very wide spectrum of phytophagous insect-pests is affected by this Neem formulation. 400-600 litres of this colloidal suspension can be. Neem Cake is a natural fertilizer that contains macro NPK & micronutrients with Azadirachtin, which helps in both way for plant growth and for control of nematodes and soil based pathogens. Neem Oil Insecticide formulation, with Azadirachtin as active ingredient, from 300 ppm. NEEMAGROW EC is a Neem oil based botanical insecticide containing Azadirachtine & other Limonoids including Meliantrial, Salannin, Nimbin & a host of other Terpinoids in the ratio it occurs naturally in Neem. Azadirachtin content of Neem oil varies from 300 ppm to 2500 ppm depending on the extraction technology & quality of the neem fruits.

Neem Oil 100 - 200 ppm Azadirachtin Neem Oil 300 - 400 ppm Azadirachtin Neem Oil 600 - 800 ppm Azadirachtin Neem Oil 1200 - 1700 ppm Azadirachtin. Nico neem is an oil. For 100% organic Nico neem the natural emulsifier is sold separately and can be mixed with water along with Nico neem. Dosage: 300 ppm - 5ml to 7ml / litre of water 1500 ppm - 4ml to 5ml / litre of water 3000 ppm - 3ml to 4ml / litre of water 10000 ppm - 2ml to 3ml / litre of water Depending upon canopy development, 400. India Ppm Ppm Ppm, India Ppm Ppm Ppm Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Selection of Ppm Ppm Ppm Products at d2 diesel 500 ppm,co2 ppm meter,ppm. Neem Oiled Cake Powder Neem Cake is the Future of Farming in Indian and abroad. We have developed a unique Neem Cake formulation which contains more Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Calcium and Magnesium than farm yard manure or sewage sludge. Contents of Neem CakeOrganic Manure.

Neemagrow Neem Oil EC, Rs 450 /litre, KHALADKAR.

Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem P Ltd.

The Organic insecticides to control and manage insects in organic farming are available online on Bighaat. The Biological agents bacteria and fungi based insecticides like Bacillus thurengiensis, Vertilcillium lecanii, Paecelomyces spp. are available online.The plant extracts like neem oil with concentrations ranging from 300 PPM to 50000 PPM and fish oil are available to use in organic farming. • Neem Oil EC – Spraying on all crops, effective on more than 400 kinds of pests • Neem Oil Solvent Extracted – For general use i.e. fumigation disinfectant, vet nary, places where presence of Azadirachtin is not important. • Urea Coating Neem Powder – For coating urea prill. Saves up to 50 % nitrogen. Neem oil is botanical oil extracted from kernel of neem tree seed by Cold Pressing.Neem Oil that is widely used for crop protection and are non-toxic,. 300 ppm, 1500 ppm, 3000ppm, 10000 ppm. Insecticide Type: Insecticide, Fungicide, Nematicide. Rs 400/ Litre Get Latest Price. Packaging Size: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 5ltr.

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